Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Warm Cup of Tea

You know when things are busy and emotional and all you want is to sit with a warm drink?  I savoured this cup of warm tea, a rarity these days.  The mug was made by a good friend, a sister like friend, and when I was at her house months ago and commented on how I loved the mug, she quickly and swiftly said it was mine.  It made my day then and I enjoyed a nice warm cup of earl grey in it this morning. Earl Grey has a mild caffeine load and the bergamont has been noted for its relaxing and soothing properties and helps you de-stress. Ahhhh. Hope your Sunday is a relaxing one.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm Back....

well time sure has passed by fast! not sure where it went but here we are a month later in mid-october. september was busy! work, kids, appts, life...... all good things, just hectic.

i am often encouraging my patients to breathe. yes, i know we all breathe but do you consciously breathe? as soon as you bring awarness to your breathe you slow it down. this helps to lower your blood pressure, and pulse rate, calm your mind, improve your mood and help to de-stress you overall. you also cleanse your body as with each exhalation you breathe out carbon dioxide which is toxic to the body. with my busy month i was trying to take my own advice. 

so, in the midst of all this craziness i started a yoga class. i took this same class when i was pregnant with kai and it was so wonderful to stretch and breathe. i equally find it wonderful now, to stretch and breathe. i'm a doer. i like to be busy and often have my hands in many different pots (is that the saying? you know what i mean...) the yoga class is taught by this israeli woman, sarit, and it is in her house just a minute away. her sweet nature and accent and the way she translates words to english from her native hebrew is equally sweet. i also get to practice some hebrew, which i have re-discovered since my trip to israel. i am even trying to speak a bit with the kids and they are starting to learn a bit here and there. 

here is a a picture of our smiley little guy from last month...this baby is so different than the other two. he is big and long and has already cut a tooth. oh my, he truly is his own.