Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer Fresh

I made this salad today. It was inspired by a similar salad I had at a good friend's a few days ago and I could not stop thinking about it. It was delicious! I often don't use recipes and just put flavours together. This one turned out fresh, packed full of medicinal properties and the kids loved it!

A few words on Basil. This herb has so many wonderful properties. It is a digestive aid and is wonderful for the Immune system. It's great for clearing out the Lungs and useful for colds, bronchitis, asthma and coughs. (Aidan recently had an asthmatic episode....crazy....this will be a post on it's own). Basil also helps the adrenal glands adapt to stress and I think we can all use that!

Summer Fresh Orzo Salad
3 cups of orzo boiled for about 10 minutes
Lightly steamed Asparagus and Broccoli
Onions and Garlic finely chopped and sauted in Olive oil
I then mixed the orzo with the onion and garlic and then added in the asparagus and broccoli.
I added in a healthy handful of chopped Basil, sliced Black Olives and 1/3 cup grated Parmesan
I seasoned with Sea Salt, Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar, and fresh Lemon

Some key Ingedients
All mixed up
Coupled with a piece of fresh trout and dinner is served!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Cascade of Interventions

I went to a birth on Saturday. It was the first birth I had been to as a naturopathic doula since a little after Bella was born. It made me remember how great my own birth stories were and although they were 'painful' I was happy with my childbirths. I had homebirths for both the kids and I felt comfortable with my decision. I also wanted to avoid the epidural, not to be a martyr, but to avoid the cascade of interventions. The birth I was at this weekend did just that. The mommy-to-be decided to get the epidural quite early on in labour. Well, that epidural not only took the pain away but took her contractions away. So in comes our friend oxytoxin/pitocin to bring back those contractions that were lost. Well, 15 long hours later.....she and her husband head to the Operating Room for a C-Section. And this is what we call " The Cascade of Interventions". Once we introduce one drug in labour, namely the epidural, it can follow with oxytocin and end in a c-section. I am not saying this is how it always turns out and I know many women who have an epidural and do not have C-sections. What I am saying is once you start this reaction you have a greater chance of getting a c-section than if you go au natural. My opinion would be trying to wait until labour is really established ie. 5 cm before getting the pain relief you desire.

Here are a couple of shots from when the kids were born. It made me nostalgic for that time (but just for a brief second!!)

baby aidan

baby bella

Monday, April 12, 2010

For the Love of Red

Since Aidan was able to choose a favorite colour, it has been red. When he was 2 and 3 everything he chose was red. Now, he claims blue and green are also his favorites but he still gravitates to red. (He even loves red food ie. strawberries, raspberries, apples and red peppers!).
These were taken just the other day.

Every organ in chinese medicine is connected with a specific colour. Red is connected to the heart meridian. In Chinese medicine the heart meridian governs the mind or "shen". The heart promotes a healthy night sleep, brings a sense of calmness, ensures a good memory and brings joy to the body. When there is an imbalance in the heart meridian, we clinically see insomnia, restlessness, anxiety and poor memory.
Aidan is a joyful little guy but can be anxious in new settings, it takes him a little while to warm up to new situations. Red, protects his shen, calms anxiety and promotes a sense of calm.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pain Pain Go Away.....

I was at a friend's last night and went down the stairs and somehow slid down the last few stairs and SMASHED my back on the bottom stair.....ouch! once I caught my breath, I iced it. I then quickly went home and took a handful of supplements just before bed to decrease the pain and inflammation.

Arnica- somehow i am constanlty giving this remedy away so i only had a lower dose, a 30 C, i would have liked at least a 200 C or a 1M. but what i had will have to do. i took 3 pellets every 5 min., 3 consecutive times.
Fish Oil-decrease inflammation-took 2 high potency capsules. yum yum!
Vitamin C- also an anti-inflammatory. i took 2000 mg.
Wobenzym-a plant enzyme when taken without food is an anti-inflammatory. i took 3.
Calcium magnesium- a muscle relaxant to loosen the muscles that tensed with the fall.
Traumeel cream-rubbed on the painful area helps speed up the healing process.

I woke up this morning and the redness has subsided. I do still feel a bit uncomfortable but it does not seem to be as localized to the injury spot but more with the muscles surrounding the point. Nothing another round of pill popping and a good nap won't cure!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fresh Air

What a wonderful weekend filled with beautiful weather, fresh air and great family.....



and simply hanging