Saturday, August 31, 2013

my skin regime

i was looking at my skin care products the other day and thought i would share with you what i use. most of it was under the advice of my friend, sahar. she's an esthetician that owns skin within and she is awesome!! contact me if you want to try out her facials or get some products from her. blissful.
 these 2 cleansers are made by evan healy. i usually use a milk as it is lighter but for those times i want a squeaky clean feel the tea tree gel cleanser does the trick.
  i then dab on a little eye cream made by Inava of i2 Anti-Rides. i am usually exhausted when i wake up (a shear sign of my adrenal fatigue-which is clearly another blog post). this eye cream is moist and brings a dewiness to my eyes. ahhhh.
 next i alternate the newco hyaluronic acid or the pure and simple collagen serum. ivana also makes a collagen that i like so i sometimes i get that one instead. these reduce fine lines, hydrate your skin and improves elasticity.
 lastly, i mix the toner (i switch them all the time as long as they are natural) and oil quickly in the palm of my hand and apply to my face. sahar makes the oil. i used to use evan healy's rose hip seed extract but have since switched with this custom made oil.
this is where i usually stop. it probably seems like a lot but honestly it takes about 1 minute and it feels amazing! wash, eye cream, serum, oil. done.
 once every few weeks i might use a mask and will use evan healy's rose or green clay
the rose is milder which is easier for my skin.
on really dry days in the winter i will use a shea butter. i happen to have evan healy's right now, but any shea butter will do. 
that's it!
what products do you like using?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

34/52. cottage living.

we went to cawaja beach in tiny township for a couple of days with friends (that are more like mishpacha) and rented a cottage last week. the cottage is such a unique and amazing space. you can check out the pictures of the place here. the kids had a great time. the beach was lovely. one afternoon, aidan found tons of lady bugs and collected them. we swam and played in the sand. we also got to hang with our really good friends who live in midland and finally got to go boating with them! the only downside, it was just not long enough.
Aidan: ready to take on the bay with the boogie board
Bella: flying along the shore
Kai: busy boy playing in the sand for hours. he finally sits!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

dinner for two

the kids had a tasty dinner the other night. just the two of them. i had been eyeing this bistro table from urban barn for a few months and finally purchased it. (it's grape coloured and super cute. can't seem to find a picture on their website).
the menu:
homemade mac and cheese made by their papa
grilled salmon
green beans
the plates were licked clean! love that!

31 & 32

i've been a bit behind these last few weeks.
we've had alot of work in the basement, so this had to be put aside. i still took the pictures, just didn't upload them. so here they are.
week 31/52
Aidan: patrolling with your cousin
Bella: loving her baby brother
Kai: smiley one
(all taken at Sibbald Point)

Aidan: what fun and focus with a great big box. 
Bella: means beautiful
Kai: enjoying the view at the Evergreen Brickworks

Saturday, August 3, 2013

a scale (not the kind your thinking of)

a question i ask my patients is, "on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best and 0 being the worst, where would you rate yourself". i could ask this in relation to anything really ie. energy, stress, congestion, cramps, pain, acne etc.... 
last night, aidan's eyes were acting up. allergies. his left eye was so red (ie. 10/10 for most red i'd ever seen). he could NOT stop rubbing it, which of course made it worse. he said it felt like "100 bee stings in his eyes."
so we worked with this number system.
i first gave him a cool cloth and asked how many bees were in his eye now. 87. getting better.
we continued with the cloth and gave him a homeopathic remedy, allium cepa (i chose this over apis mellifica, because of the intense need to rub, watery discharge and lack of swelling). down to 69.
5 minutes later i gave him a second dose of allium. 40 bee stings now and a smile.
by bed, he proudly announced there were no bees left in his eyes. phew.
is there a system you use with your kids to quantify pain?

Friday, August 2, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013." with Che and Fidel
Aidan: peace fingers. his summer addition to most photos these days
Bella: she's becoming quite the artiste
Kai: a cookie in one hand, a ball in the other, equals one happy fella